Testimony From Kenya – The Name of Jesus Still Stands

The other day I received a Facebook message from one of my ministry partners, Pastor Peter K. White, in Kenya that read:

“Hello Comrade Mel. Long time since we communicated. I believe you’re doing Great. Am doing well in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have good New of the Kingdom. You remember the church you did preach five minutes when you came to visit me then proceeded to Nairobi? I have been continually sharing the Apostolic teaching with him and through God’s Grace and Revelation, he came to me and told me, he has seen the Truth. He requested me to come and share more about the revelation of the Name of Jesus. Through the power of the Holy Ghost in me, I shared the Word of God that we have one God in three titles who is Jesus Christ. Surprisingly, the whole Church received God’s word with their whole Hearts. Last Sunday but one, they all went down in the water including their Pastor in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ooh! Hallelujah! God is raising his own church at a higher level.”

I’ve enclosed the link to the video which is on Facebook. Please keep this ministry work in prayer. There is a hunger that burns in their heart for more of God. Thanks to social media, I was able to reconnect with Pastor Peter and travel with him to Samburu and Central Kenya during my trip in 2017. In 2004 he received the message of the baptism in Jesus name, and even though there was no ministry to support him or encourage him he has remained strong in the message that was shared with him by the late Apostle Derek Hubbard. In the face of objection and persecution, he has been willing to stand, even if alone, and continue to travel the country sharing what he received all those years ago.


Video Slide Show of Blessed Camp

Here is a slide show I did a couple of years ago after visiting  a leper community called Blessed Camp. In 2012 I had the privilege to return and minister in their Sunday service. Video

Also, If you like more about Blessed Camp or Action Ministry, the church that serves the community, please visit http://www.actionministrykenya.com/

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