About Mel

I would like to take this time to thank you for visiting my blog and introduce myself to you. The only title that I wish to describe who and what I do is – servant”. Since I was a child my deepest desire has been to serve God and His people to the best of my ability.

At an early age I was taught to serve the body of Christ, using my gifts and talents for God’s glory. From musician (saxophone, drums and keyboard), choir director, praise and worship leader, youth worker and leader, young adults director, communications director, to name a few, I’ve enjoyed serving my local church under the leadership of my parents.

Though ministry service was a part of my molding, I knew from the age of 9 that God had a call upon my life to serve Him in other countries, mainly the continent of Africa. In 1990, at 15 years old, my father, and then pastor, took me on my first short-term mission trip to Liberia. It was in the middle of their civil war, before it reached the capital city. Neither that or becoming seriously ill for a week could shake the love for missions work that God had placed in my heart. In fact, when I arrived home I was more in love with my future than anyone could understand.

It would be almost another 15 years before God would allow me to return to the continent that had so quickly stolen my heart. In 2003, my mother and Bishop invited me to travel with her and several others to South Africa and Kenya. For years Kenya had been a burning desire within me. And finally it was happening. While everyone else were excited about visiting South Africa, I was unspeakably excited about visiting the beautiful East African country that had invaded so many of my night dreams. This trip would be the launching of my missions ministry.

Since that visit, God has allowed me to travel continually to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, and even Spain ministering the gospel in word and song. Whether it’s a youth conference, leadership meetings, music conferences or a service I’m just excited that God has chosen this chic who was born in a little town in Michigan,  grew up in the big city of Houston, but has fallen in love with this great big world that God crated. I excitedly await to see where God will send me next…until then I will stay faithful to His will.

I currently serve as the Assistant Pastor at New Life Temple, my home church for over 30 years. This opportunity allows me to be a support to so many ministries…working behind the scene. Serving is what I was born to do until God says, “Well done…!”

With some children in Kenya

With some children in Kenya


About thehbuzz

My life belongs to God, family and friends. I enjoy great conversation over excellent coffee or tea. Traveling is in my blood, and tech toys are my joy. I always have something to talk about and enjoy listening to those who have something to teach. If I have a good book in my hand or on my Nook, then that is great conversation enough. I have a local tv show on channel 21 called The H-Buzz. My job is to "keep you in the know of what's hot in the world of news and events going on near you".

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