06Mar / 2017

Preparing to pray for the Member of Parliament for Narok Country. Amazing story, and very humbled lady.


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  • I will never understand how Trump supports claim to condemn lies while support an habitual lier 😕 and then try to make his lies truth 😒 1 hour ago
  • I added a video to a @YouTube playlist youtu.be/h9tKEu-5b8E?a Wayne Shorter - Speak No Evil [Full Album, 1965] 1 hour ago
  • I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/imVVIus6nB0?a Anna Lucasta 1 hour ago
  • A few weeks ago I was told that I was a GOAT 😒. Now these young people know I don't understand slang 😂😂. All I could say is , " Uh, Ok?" 17 hours ago
  • If Democrats, as Republicans put it, are tearing down Dem. memorials, then why are Republicans so obsessed with them staying up? #Tabletalk 2 days ago