Seeing South Africa Through Different Lense

Well, I must say that I’m so excited to be back in South Africa. South Africa is like home to me, with family and friends throughout the country. So the opportunity to so many dear ones is an added bonus. But it is the time spent in fellowship and worship with God’s people in this part of the world that always make the visit a blessing. There are always new brothers and sisters in Christ that we meet with each visit.

However, before we began our ministry time here in the country, I planned a little bit of sightseeing time in Johannesburg and Pretoria (the seat of the presidency), thanks to the high speed commuter train that runs between the two cities.

For years I have desired to visit the famous, and sometimes infamous, Soweto. I was rather surprised that my mum said yes to the visit. I have to say, I’m learning not to believe everything the media and certain people in South Africa about some places and people who get negative press. The visit was very eye opening. Soweto, like any city, has it’s very wealthy areas, middle class, and “stay out” areas.

Our “tourist time” took us on a quick tour of Jozi and Soweto, and a couple of day trips to Pretoria. I decided to put my camera to work. Below are few of the many things I saw through my lens.


About thehbuzz

My life belongs to God, family and friends. I enjoy great conversation over excellent coffee or tea. Traveling is in my blood, and tech toys are my joy. I always have something to talk about and enjoy listening to those who have something to teach. If I have a good book in my hand or on my Nook, then that is great conversation enough. I have a local tv show on channel 21 called The H-Buzz. My job is to "keep you in the know of what's hot in the world of news and events going on near you".

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