Change of Season

Well, I’m on board my flight to Atlanta and then it’s on to South Africa this evening. As I look at other passengers on my Delta flight, many have on coats, sweaters, other fall slightly winter clothing. Just about everyone is appropriately dressed for the weather once they arrive to Atlanta or their other domestic destination.

Despite the comfortable climate of the plane, the passengers are smart enough to know that the air outside once they reach their destination may not be so. Therefore, they are dressed accordingly.

Once I arrive in South Africa I will be greeted by a different season than the one I will leave behind in the States. I will find myself on the first day of December feeling the summer evening warmth that is embracing the southern hemisphere. Non of my winter clothing will be suitable for the warm and sometimes hot sun of summer.

While I’m used to packing warmer clothing when I head to South Africa, this time I had to pull out those cool white linens, that are now forbidden during the American fall and winter season.

I’m having to adjust to a drastically different season. While all of my family and close friends back home will wear sweaters, jackets, and coats (for those on the East Coast and Midwest), I’ll wear comfortable summer clothing, t-shirts and linen bottoms.

The moral of this simple illustration is that despite the church cliché of “your season is changing” and “God is taking you into a new season”, there may be a new season coming but 1. It’s not always the one we want and 2. Everyone will not be in the same season.

Things may get better for some, while things seem to get worst for others. We can’t compare our seasons to the person seated next to us. In fact, we can’t figuratively dress the same way as everyone one else, because our seasons may require a different type of “material” than that of someone else’s season.

So, as believers we must learn to be understanding of those who are in their fall and winter. Don’t jump to conclusions of what is going on in their life. Like wise, don’t be envious of those who are in their spring and summer season. We all go through changing seasons at some point. If it’s winter, spring and summer is sure to come. If it’s summer, prepare because fall and winter will come.


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My life belongs to God, family and friends. I enjoy great conversation over excellent coffee or tea. Traveling is in my blood, and tech toys are my joy. I always have something to talk about and enjoy listening to those who have something to teach. If I have a good book in my hand or on my Nook, then that is great conversation enough. I have a local tv show on channel 21 called The H-Buzz. My job is to "keep you in the know of what's hot in the world of news and events going on near you".

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  1. Natalie Ahenkorah

    Thank you for sharing God bless you in all you do.

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