Living in the Mother City

Well, I’ve arrived safe and well to South Africa. This is the first time my visit has been welcomed with warm kisses (weather). Even the night was refreshingly warm when I walked out of the airport. All the other times I’ve been to SA I’ve at least needed a light jacket or long sleeves for the evenings. Not this go around.

The first few days have been very relaxing, except for Sunday day. And one of the wonderful things about coming to Cape Town is the abundant amount of friends I’m blessed to have. So of course that means I’m not left to boredom on the off days. The greater blessing is that most of these friends pour words of encouragement into my life…always a needed blessing when one spends them-self pouring out in ministry. So I’m truly blessed! Nothing like saved young adults taking over for the glory of God.
Sunday’s service was awesome. God spoke so mightily in the lives of His people, that the Bishop of the church called the whole church (including himself) to come and repent before God so that the worship that God desires can be birthed, and revival fire may burn. To see young and old, small and great cry out before God was very humbling. We preached from Psalm 24:3-5…only worshipers can ascend into the hills or stand in the Holy places. Praisers get excited about healings, but worshipers set the atmosphere for miracles. Praisers rejoice after a soul is filled with the Holy Ghost, but a worshiper pushes that soul into a place of deliverance. Worshipers are atmosphere setters and climate changers…the generation of churches have been filled with praisers, but the worshipers have been MIA. And God is calling the worshipers to cleans our hands and heart so that we may ascend…! Worship is about sacrifice…
I have to say to say what God is doing in the Mother City (Cape Town) is on the verge…God is birthing a new thing and it is awesome. Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to going up into the Mountain…their is a call in my spirit to go and spend some time with God on the literal mountain top- Table Mountain. So I pray that the weather is nice up there on Tuesday. The amazing thing about the mountain is that the weather can be warm and lovely in the city, but if a cloud comes down over the mountain then it can be like winter up there.

As we move about The Mother City this week I will keep you posted on on the beauty that makes this city one of the top destinations for travel. Then on Friday we will move on to Robertson for the youth conference, where I’m believing that God is going to do an awesome work.
Much love and peace from my other home….

The Waterfront

The Waterfront

Cape Town StadiumCape Town Stadium


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