A new year of mission…

2012 was a great year of mission ministry. While I only visited 3 countries (Kenya, South Africa and Panama) over the course of the 3 mission trips, each mission was very purposeful. And God opened new doors that are continuing to bring forth new areas of ministry.

In a couple of weeks I will leave for my first mission of 2013. I’m very excited about this trip. During my visit to Port Elizabeth, South Africa last April I had the pleasure being one of the speakers for a conference over the Resurrection weekend. After ministering the first night I was asked to come back for the 2013 conference. This is now an annual youth conference that will take place each Resurrection weekend. Churches and ministries from around South Africa will come together for a great time of fellowship and spiritual enrichment. I’m honored to have been invited back to speak the whole weekend for this years conference. This year’s conference will be held in Robertson, just over an hour away from Cape Town.

I’m currently looking into a way to either live stream or prerecord stream the services for my friends and partners. Please keep us in prayer as we prepare for this mission.

Stay tuned here for the latest information on this trip, as well as other things God is doing with our ministry partners in mission.

God bless!


About thehbuzz

My life belongs to God, family and friends. I enjoy great conversation over excellent coffee or tea. Traveling is in my blood, and tech toys are my joy. I always have something to talk about and enjoy listening to those who have something to teach. If I have a good book in my hand or on my Nook, then that is great conversation enough. I have a local tv show on channel 21 called The H-Buzz. My job is to "keep you in the know of what's hot in the world of news and events going on near you".

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